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Jeremy Wilson

Director of Business Development - Alternative Energy

Jeremy Wilson is responsible for driving new business focused on building solutions for EPC’s at Consolidated Parts.  With more than 40 years of experience in electrical distribution and extensive knowledge in industrial control and power distribution, Jeremy is an integral part of the Consolidated Parts team. After originally joining the business in 2011 as Managing Director, Jeremy saw an opportunity to focus on partnering with Eaton on the huge solar and alternative energy opportunity in California.  Building on the foundation of our world-class gear and power distribution team, Jeremy helped lead the development of Consolidated Parts holistic “from the inverter to the utility” solution.


Stephen Smoot

Alternative Energy Account Manager

Stephen Smoot manages Consolidated Parts’ relationships with Alternative Energy customers. During the past 11 years with the company, Stephen has worked with a broad range of Alternative Energy and Industrial customers.  Today, he is responsible for managing strategic relationships with many high profile alternative energy customers. His focus on simplifying the way that our customers’ projects are executed and his proactive approach to finding solutions to the challenges that inevitably arise during their completion, has earned Stephen the trust of our most strategic customers. Stephen believes in a green energy future and is passionate about creating solutions to help companies who are working to make this a reality.


Jerry Scott

Switchgear Specialists

Jerry Scott leads the Consolidated Parts switchgear project management team.  Jerry has more than 30 years of experience in switchgear and power distribution equipment. He has extensive expertise working with Eaton’s products, and during his long career, he has developed switchgear solutions from all major manufacturers. Jerry’s experience with plans and specifications gives him the ability to quote projects in-house without needing to rely on input or guidance from the manufacturers. The result is greater control over the outcome of your project and fewer time delays. Jerry’s passion for organization and management of the smallest details drives him to keep projects running smoothly, on time, and on budget.  Jerry is the embodiment of simplifying the way our customers work.


Pablo Murdoch

Switchgear Specialist

Pablo Murdoch manages switchgear projects for Consolidated Parts. Prior to joining the gear team, Pablo developed a reputation for creating solutions and exceeding customer expectations. He started as a driver before being promoted to Inside Sales. Pablo’s critical thinking ability and customer obsession led him to be selected to support Jerry as Projects Lead.  Today, Pablo focuses on project quoting and minimizing disruption often associated with order management from manufacturers, as he continues to demonstrate his reputation for exceeding customer expectations.


Our History

Consolidated Parts has been managing switchgear and control projects from the Silicon Valley since 1956.

We believe that partnering with our customers means it is our job to recommend the best and most economical solution for your specific project and that we are responsible for proactively managing your project from beginning to successful completion.

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